Total Quality Litigation® is a client-centered process of litigation management embodying Scandaglia Ryan's years of experience representing corporate clients and working closely with corporate counsel around the country. We learned that clients want (and deserve) essential legal services in all litigation... and they should not have to pay extra for them.

These essentials are:

Evaluating the Case

Opening the case initiates a preliminary analysis of the dispute and client objectives. Major issues are identified that formulate themes and theories that guide the litigation.

Planning and Budgeting

A litigation plan and budget is developed that fits the client's definition of a successful resolution of the matter. The plan commences with a concentrated investigation and analysis designed to provide the client an early accurate assessment of the litigation and proceeds to the conclusion of trial. The budget provides specific category and task detail on a schedule consistent with the client's objectives.

Budget Management

We routinely track fees and costs, providing regular reconciliation reports.

Status Reporting

Regular standardized reports inform clients of the main tasks accomplished and provide notice of upcoming case events. We also provide periodic assessments of the litigation as it relates to the client's business and legal objectives in the litigation.

No Travel Time Expense

We do not charge clients for travel time to and from court in jurisdictions outside the Chicago area.

Guaranteed Rates

We plan and budget litigation based on our hourly rates at the time the representation commences. When a case extends into subsequent calendar years, we extend the term of the rates set forth in the budget accordingly, to the conclusion of the litigation.