"President Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009" (January 2009). Scandaglia Ryan's Employment Litigation Group presents this Legal Insights discussing the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act's expansion of the scope of employer liability for alleged compensation discrimination. It also provides steps employers should consider implementing to aid in the prevention of and defense of claims relating to pay discrimination. Co-authored by William J. Ryan and Matthew B. Steffens.

"Public Accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act" (June 2008). Scandaglia Ryan's Hospitality Law Group presents this overview as a primer for hotel owners and hotel management to help them gain a better understanding of: (1) the basic requirements of Title III of the American with Disabilities Act ("ADA"); (2) the guidelines for complying with Title III of the ADA; and (3) ways in which to avoid or minimize ADA litigation. This primer also includes an assessment of the litigation risks for hotels in the Chicago area that are not in compliance with Title III of the ADA. Contributing authors Gregory Scandaglia, Scott Rogers and Matthew B. Steffens.